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Ultra high pressure

Top Industrie has always developed equipment intended for very high pressure (THP), in a wide range of use from 2000 bar to 7000 bar, in particular in the following sectors:


Isostatic press :
Top Industrie isostatic presses are available in many sizes and pressure ranges, from research pilots to production units.
Designed with two types of complete safety top closure, threaded manual closure or mesh isostatic presses, our isostatic presses are equipped with safety and alarm devices, pressure control devices and pressure generator.
They can operate at room temperature (CIP), be heated or cooled, with external medium temperature electric collar, by means of a thermostatically controlled double jacket or equipped with an internal oven (HIP).
They can be equipped with semi-automatic loading and unloading devices. They are designed for Pascalisation (sterilisation) processes up to 6000bar, isostatic pressing of ceramics and inactivation of viruses or bacteria.

High Pressure Vaccine / Virus Inactivation Pilot Unit TM
In cooperation with French CNRS and MERIAL (SANOFI Group), Top Industrie has developed a range of high pressure inactivation cells.


Hydrothermal Synthesis Reactor HP/HT° :
This range of autoclaves with metal-to-metal seal has been designed for high pressure and high temperature use, particularly in the fields of petrology, volcanology and geology.
It allows the study of the behavior of rocks, the interactions between the material and its gas/liquid environment in extreme conditions. The samples are either placed directly in the compression fluid or placed in sealed gold capsules.
The pressure is generated either by an aqueous medium using Henri's Law (P.V.T); or by pressurizing the sample directly into gas using a booster (up to 3500bar) or a gas multiplier (up to 7000bar).



Generator / Multiplier / Intensify :