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Hydrothermal gasification
Biomass valorization and treatment
The implementation of ecosystems based on the circular economy, sustainable development and the bioeconomy is based on the drastic reduction of ultimate waste such as sludge from wastewater treatment plants or liquid digestates from methanization. The latter are made up of wet biomass with a low dry matter content and contain various elements that can be harmful if released in large quantities.

These types of biomass can be treated by hydrothermal gasification which then becomes an alternative to existing biogas production technologies (methanisation, pyrogasification...). The biomass gasification process takes place in sub-critical or super-critical water (T & P) avoiding the need for incineration and landfill. Eventually, hydrothermal gasification could play an important role in the management of large volumes of digestates generated by the development of the methanization process.

Top Industrie provides a range of reactors adaptable to your needs, with a raw biomass treatment capacity ≤ 10 Kg/h.

Hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL) biomass valorization
P = 200 – 300 bar
T = 250 – 350 °C
Wet biomass : 1 – 5 Kg/h

Hydrothermale oxidation (HO)
P = 200-300bar
T= 400-550 °C
Treated biomass: de 10 à 20 Kg/h