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Specific defense

In 1990 Top Industrie started to develop a wide range of specific test benches for aeronautics and defense actors.
Low, medium and high-pressure test means (from a few mbar to a few thousand bar).
Customized benches are designed for the development, qualification and production of take-off and ejection systems for combat aircraft and helicopters. We are also developing a range of products for cryogenic use in guidance systems.

We can help you to develop your equipment, your materials, your systems; by offering you solutions perfectly adapted to your needs, test means and test benches made to measure combining performance and safety. 

Stamping bench, deformation and bursting measurement
Tests of composite & metallic tanks for on-board military aeronautics equipment.

  • Pressure 0 - 4000 bar liquid or gas.
  • Automated measurement of stress, expansion and biaxial deformation
  • Generating unit with air driven pumps, boosters or intensifiers.
  • LabVIEW supervision with fast acquisition system.
Produits spécifiques Défense
E.P.R. filling bench
Semi-automatic filling bench for EPR type gas tanks (On-board military aeronautics equipment).

  • N2+5%He pressurization at 700 bar with 1000bar membrane gas boosters and buffer cylinders.
  • Automated tapping and TIG welding
  • Helium detector leak test
  • Automated piloting / programming.
  • labVIEW supervision with fast acquisition system.
Produits spécifiques Défense
Gas generation & overpressure bench
  • Autonomous gas generation unit from 300 to 3500 bar.
  • Pneumatic or electric diaphragm blower
  • Ultra clean gas.
  • Nitrogen, Helium, Hydrogen, Argon, Oxygen...
  • Complete automation and safety.
Produits spécifiques Défense
Cryogenic test bench

Solenoid valves, indicators and pressure transmitters
Solenoid valve NF PN° 910.97.00

  • Medium : neutral gas
  • Operating pressure: 1000bar
  • DN: 0.35mm
  • Dimensions: Ø 28mm x Length 57mm
  • Weight: 200g
  • Power supply 20 to 32V / holding 10V
  • Impedance: 47.5Ω ±2
  • Maximum current 0.5A under 24V
  • Opening time 20mS
  • Temperature of use: -50° to +80°C
  • Tightness: 10-6Ncm3/s at 1000bar
  • Flow rate: 120Nl/mn at 200bar
Produits spécifiques Défense

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