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Oil & Gas specialties Well testing, Cementing
Since the 2000sTop Industrie has developed a range of high-performance equipment dedicated to research themes for oil and gas industries. For the geotechnical and exploration phases, our equipment allows the study of the rock - fluids exchanges in the field, permeability, compressibility, fracturing, cementing...

We also offer reservoir stimulation pilots, EOR, CO2 injectivity, geophysical or geochemical studies, hydrates... We can therefore help you develop your research by offering you a complete range of equipment:


Géomécanique Core analysis Cementing
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Well Testing Calibration Simulation puits
Oil & Gas Corrosion Equipment
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EOR Reservoir fluid Systems
Hydrates CO2 PVT

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Test Benches for testing and calibrating tools in well conditions

These test benches are intended for the study of the behavior of components and tools, for the qualification and calibration of equipment in HP/HT° environment in well conditions during the drilling or exploitation of oil industries.

  • WT measurement means, pressure, flow, temperature, US measurement sensors, fiber optic sensors...
  • Motor systems, pumps and fluid circuit elements.
  • Validation of embedded electronic boards.
  • Well simulator
  • Cementing studies
Oil & Gas spécialités Well testing, cementing
Oil & Gas spécialités Well testing, cementing

Features :
  • Operating pressure: 10, 20, 30, 40 kPsi (700 to 3000bar)
  • Fluid: water, oil, drilling mud ...
  • Operating temperature: -20 to 250°C.

Equipment and options:
  • Sealed, multi-contact electrical feedthroughs
  • Coaxial electrical bushings for US measurement.
  • Control unit, pressure and temperature generation.

Testing cell:
  • Dimensions Ø up to 300mm, height up to 5 meters.
  • Operating pressure up to 40 kPsi (2800bar)
  • Temperature up to 250°C

Core Flooding system, devices for studying well conditions.

We develop a lot of equipment for the study and simulation of drilling and production phenomena under the pressure and temperature conditions present in a well environment.
This equipment allows you to control and optimize the means and quantities of production, productivity and drilling costs. They are essential to determine the permeability of the rock and how various fluids, water, oil and gas, will flow through it.


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