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Rock mechanics Core analysis

For more than 20 years, Top Industrie has gained extensive experience in designing equipment for the study of rock behavior, cementing, unconsolidated environments and core analysis.

We manufacture a large range of custom geoscience equipment, innovative, and adapted to the strict conditions required by our customers.

         Automatic  core saturator.


TOP Permeameter software

PC DELL OptiPlex 3070 MT – 8Go Ram, 256 Go SSD Hard Drive, 24˝full HD LCD Monitor,
Mouse, Keyboard. Microsoft Windows 10 and the TOP o
perating software are provided pre-installed on the PC.

- Top Permeameter software developed under LabVIEW (NI) allows                                                                           
the permeability measurement automation, combining the data acquisition                                 
with a real time graphical interface, showing the pressure and flow rate stability
before permeability measurement by Darcy’s equation law.

 -  ka = Permeability. (Milli Darcies)
 -  µ = Viscosity. (Centipoise)
 -  Qa = Flow Rate. (cc / sec) at upstream pressure
 - L = Sample Length. (cm)
 -  A = Sample Cross-Sectional Area. (cm2)
 -  P1 = Upstream Pressure, atmospheres


Steady State Gas Permeameter

We have developed a standard type gas permeameter, by using high-precision Brooks mass flow meters and Δ pressure transducers to give you very accurate steady-state gas flow measurements. 


Calibration check plug
₋ For size Samples Ø 1˝, 1 ½ ˝, 30mm, 40mm.

Cellule Hoek with acoustic measurements 1000bar / 15kpsi

We have developed a special high-pressure Hoek cell with ultrasonic sensors with the help of Marie Violay (EPFL Switzerland).

This cell is equipped with 3 electrical feedthrough (8 pins) avoiding the damage of gauge wires.

With the use of strain gauges and P&S piezo sensors, triaxial tests run on the same type of rocks at different confining pressures and allow the determination of the failure envelope with the angle of friction and cohesion, the modulus of elasticity and Poisson’s ratio.

  •   Suitable for rock Samples Ø 1˝, 1 ½ ˝ (other upon request)
  •   Confining pressure: up to 1000bar (15kpsi) with oil.


Reservoir Conditions Core Flow System.

Our versatile types of Core Flow System are designed to study a large range of fluids (oil, gas, brine, hydrates, CO2 …) in reservoir conditions.

A pressure generation module combines two or three PMHP syringe pumps managing constant pressure or constant flow through the cores.

We can also offer cooling or heating equipment, double-wall with thermostatic bath, heating shell or climatic chamber.

Our core flow system could be associated with our Hassler core holder, Hydrostatic cell or triaxial standard cell.


Injectivity and CO2 sequestration simulator

CO2 sequestration is studied through different processes of capturing, transporting and storing of carbon dioxide. Geological carbon sequestration is the process of storing carbon dioxide in underground geologic formations, or rocks. CO2 is captured from an industrial source and injected into porous rocks for long-term storage.

  •   We have developed a lot of equipment meeting the needs of international     projects (ICARE, CASTOR…)

  •   CO2 injectivity in multiphasic geologic medias.
  •   Cementing simulator: thermal, mechanical effects on cementing behaviour in   deep well injection and on-site storage.
  •   Multiphasic core flow system, Gases, liquids, oil, brine, under high pressure   (15kpsi) and high temperature (230°C)

Ultra-Sonic Hydrostatic Core Holder

We developed in partnership with the help of Jerome Fortin (ENS France) a new ultra-sonic hydrostatic core holder. Based on a hydrostatic core holder, and improved with US measurement by two PZT piezoelectric Ceramic.

  •   For rock Specimen Ø 1˝, 1 ½ ˝, 30mm, 40mm.
  •   Working pressure: up to 1000bar (15kpsi)
  •   Full hydrostatic or with controlled Δ
  •   Working temperature: room T° up to 200°C
  •   Equipped with 2 piezo sensors for P & S waves measurement.
  •   Permeability Measurement Range: 0.001md to 40,000md.

Top Permeameter Software

Top Permeameter software developed under LabVIEW allows the permeability measurement automation, combining the data acquisition with a real time graphical interface, showing the pressure and flow rate stability before permeability measurement by Darcy’s law equation.


Thick Wall Cylinder testing cell


This special cell is designed for studying sand production during hydrocarbon production in oil and gas wells. This sand production, well known in many oil and gas assets worldwide, could damage borehole and affect seriously the durability of a lot of equipment and therefore decreasing the rates of production.

It allows direct measurement of pressures under which a borehole will start producing sand or cause damage or casing collapse


This equipment simulates the wellbore stress conditions on a cylindrical rock sample blind or open with internal air or liquid flow.

Using our standard pressure control unit, we add measuring instruments, endoscope, camera and weighing scale monitoring the loss of sand.  



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